The one who walk away

​Hey, yes you. Incase you are wondering, I am good. Trying so hard to be good. Trying to feel when we first met. Trying to forget every bad memories and retaining all the good times we had. I did not hold grudges, because that is not love. Anger is not love. Love is forgiving, love is kind, love is patient. And I loved you. I will always love you. Maybe I am saying all of this to you so soon. But I believe, if you really love someone, you do not need to hold it for so long. Because we do not know when that love of your life will leave you. I am glad that I said it too much, that I felt the love and it made me who I am today.

You said, that you want me to enjoy life, that I am problematic. You are wrong. I am happy before I met you. I enjoyed life before I met you. But when we met, I felt lucky to have someone that made me learn how to love and be loved.

Masaya ako na malungkot, masaya kasi nakilala kita at minahal kita. Malungkot kasi yung taong nagbigay sa akin ng pagasang mahalin, aalis din pala.

Love, if ever we had a second chance I will still save you, love you and care for you.

One day I wish you realize the times we had, the laughter, tears, excitement and love that we shared with each other.

Mahal alam ko malabo na ang lahat, but still here I am hoping for that day.

Mahal na mahal kita. Wag mo pababayaan sarili mo. Lahat ng bilin ko sa iyo, kahit hindi na tayo magkasama sana gawin mo pa din.

Thank you and I love you.


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